Rather than me telling you about Quetzal Mama strategies, Models, and success stories, hear it direcetly from others.

Ms. Ocampo is a natural teacher—she understands that students learn best and are inspired to achieve their higher educational goals by including activities where they are exposed to effective teaching strategies.

— Dr. Marilyn A. Winkleby
Professor of Medicine
Stanford University

Quetzal Mama cuts to the chase. She doesn’t just tell you why your Latino children should go to college. She shows you how to get them there.

— Fred M. Tovar, Asst.
Director of Admissions
Stanford University School of Medicine

Quetzal Mama breaks down the complicated college admission processes for Latino students and parents.

— Abraham Lopez
Admissions Adviser
University of California, Merced

Quetzal Mama provided students with helpful strategies to improve their chances of getting a scholarship and/or securing a seat at a University. Her motivational workshop was beneficial for students & educators.

— Ariana Gonzalez
Outreach/Comm. Rels.
San Joaquin Delta College

In the last half hour, I’ve heard more positive response from our audience than I have for prior pre-service keynote speakers.  We will now be operating as Head Start – College Prep!

— Karen Pekarcik
Director Stanislaus County Office of Ed.
California Migrant Head Start

I was most impressed with our student’s confidence regarding writing their personal statements as they shared out about your workshop. You made a huge difference for them on Saturday! Thanks for sharing your energy and strategies with them.

— Raye Clendening
Oceanside Unified

The Dream Academy would like to thank college admissions expert, Roxanne Ocampo, for providing students in Salinas an incredibly informative workshop on how to create powerful and effective personal statements so our students can make their college dreams a reality. Roxanne, thank you for being so generous with your time and knowledge! Your workshop made a big difference for our students!

— Ruben Pizarro
Executive Director
Salinas Valley Dream Academy

After attending the UC Personal Statement webinar, our students felt more confident in the personal statement process and more confident to apply to top colleges.

— Sandra Castanon-Ramirez

Roxanne is a tremendous resource of advice and information in enabling our student members and the community we serve to be as competitive as possible for College Admission and Scholarships!

— Victor Guzman
Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers San Diego Chapter

Because our kids need all the EXCELLENT advice Roxanne Ocampo dispenses, to prepare to pursue their higher education adventures!

— Graciela Tiscareño-Sato
Gracefully Global Group, LLC

You are an amazing coach Roxanne!! May you continue using your gift to help our Latino youth achieve their dreams!! We will forever be grateful for the way you supported our daughter during the application process!!

— Daughter accepted to Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, Yale, Stanford, Berkeley, & UCLA

With hard work, determination and preparation, college dreams do come true!  The boy got into Georgetown and The University of Notre Dame Early Action! We are exhausted by the shouts and tears of joy.  Your part in this process was very important and we appreciate all you did to advise him.

— Son accepted Early Action
Georgetown University (Class of 2020)

I am thankful to have met you. For all the blessings you give, for the time you spent helping make our daughter's college dream come true. For making a difference in our community and doing it all with grace! You're a true blessing

— Roberta Hernandez
Daughter accepted University of Oregon (Class of 2020)

Undoubtedly, the Scholars Program was the single most valuable resource throughout the college application process — from creating my personal statement for the University of California, providing SAT preparation, and Community Service opportunities.

— Evelyn Hernandez
San Marcos High School

My stress level about college was virtually gone, because I was coached by Quetzal Mama — the most dedicated, passionate, positive leader. At the end of every workshop, we always left smiling because we knew every Scholar nailed it!"

— Ashley Romo
Fallbrook High School

Being coached by Quetzal Mama helped me present a stellar profile to universities. She taught us how to be positive – "I can and I will."

— Yulisa Frausto Ruano
Mission Vista High

Being a twin I always worried that only one sibling would attend college. With help in the college application process, I know me and my sibling will go far – not only in college but in the future. Thanks Quetzal Mama.

— Shantal Sanchez Estrada
Mission Vista High

The QM Scholars Program was inspirational! I learned how to strategize college applications, articulate my story in essays, and work in a team environment. The interview skills enabled me to secure a competitive summer internship at UC San Diego!

— Lucerito Lopez
High Tech High

Quetzal Mama is the reason I said ‘Si se puede!’ throughout the application process.

— Areg Sanchez Estrada
Mission Vista High School

As a Quetzal Mama Scholar I learned about opportunities and support that every scholar deserves to pursue their dream of higher education.

— Anayelli Vasquez
High Tech High

Being a first generation college student, college seemed a distant step. But, with the help of the Quetzal Mama Scholars Program and Quetzal Mama herself gave me the support and determination to shorten the step towards my college future.

— Nataly Diaz
High Tech High

The Quetzal Mama Scholars Program boosted my confidence to achieve my dream of attaining a higher education.

— Luis Gonzalez
San Marcos High School

Every scholar will leave the Quetzal Mama program with a new sense of hope and empowerment. Through Quetzal Mama's coaching we have created the best college profiles possible, earning us admissions to the countries' most prestigious universities. If you have a desire and ambition for higher education, Quetzal Mama will help you get there!

— Bernabe Camacho
Mission Vista High School

Being a Quetzal Mama Scholar has been a blessing in my life. Thanks to Quetzal Mama I will be able to pursue my dreams with the help of her exceptional work and motivation.

— Irma Echeverria
San Marcos High School

Being part of the Quetzal Mama Scholars was unbelievable. It taught me the importance of teamwork and determination. Thanks to Quetzal Mama I was accepted to a UC and can fulfill my dreams of one day helping the world.

— Juana Salvador
Fallbrook High School

The Quetzal Mama scholars program helped me confidently steer though the intensive college application process, so that my goals were clear and focused, and my essays were genuine and purposeful.

— Xochitl Perez
High Tech High School

Roxanne's knowledge on college admissions is exceptional! Quetzal Mama assisted me to get into colleges all over the US. With personal coaching I "nailed" my college applications. Quetzal Mama is making a difference for Latinos dreaming for better futures.

— Brenda Arellano
High Tech High School

Quetzal Mama’s expertise on the college application process combined with her passion for higher level education gave me the guidance I needed to attend a competitive university.

— Christina Gaspar
El Camino High School

Being first in my family to go to college, I didn't know how to even begin the admissions process, but with the help of Quetzal Mama I finished all my applications before my senior year started, eliminating all the stress associated with applying to colleges.

— Kimberly Castro
High Tech High School

Thanks to the workshops and one-on-one assistance, I was able to "nail" every component of my applications. If it weren't for the SAT Prep course we were provided, I wouldn't have raised my SAT score nearly 500 points. This is a program every student needs, but not everyone can have, so I hope that it continues for many years to come.

— Karen Barragan (High Tech High School)
Biological Sciences, UC Santa Cruz

This was the most helpful resource I had during the entire college application process. This program maximizes your college admissions chances and provides you with a network of scholars who share the same goal as you.

— Josue Morales (El Camino High School)
Questbridge Finalist & Regents Scholar
Chemical Engineering, UC Santa Barabara

The Quetzal Mama Scholars Program honestly helped me get into college! Ms. Ocampo’s knowledge on college admissions is incomparable to any other admissions information out there. I truly feel blessed to have had her beside me to guide me towards college.

— Jorge Angon (El Camino High School)
Biomedical Engineering, UC Irvine

We covered many topics ranging from cyber profiles to SAT prep to the UC personal statements. I can honestly say that the program helped me become much more prepared early on to increase my chances of getting into college.

— Erina Chavez (High Tech High School)
Admitted to NYU

We covered many topics ranging from cyber profiles to SAT prep to the UC personal statements. I can honestly say that the program helped me become much more prepared early on to increase my chances of getting into college.

— Diana Hernandez (Mission Vista High School)
Admitted to UC Berkeley & UCLA

Quetzal Mama really helped me with a critical college admission component – the Personal Statement for the University of California. She personally assisted me in brainstorming my accomplishments to fully reflect my life experiences. Quetzal Mama was there as my mentor and I was able to craft a remarkable piece.

— Jonathan Mendez (Mission Vista High School)
Biological Sciences, UC Santa Barbara

As a fist generation student, I could not rely on parental advice to navigate through high school. I’m glad I found Quetzal Mama Scholars because it provided me with the support system, information, and resources I needed to apply confidently to colleges.

— Naomi Tabita Quiñones (San Marcos High School)
Biological Sciences, UC Santa Barabara

Not only did I learn how to carefully select colleges to meet my specific profile, but also how to strategically apply to those schools. All the tips and inside-info I obtained from this program better prepared me when it came to filling out applications and writing essays.

— Stephanie Sanchez (Fallbrook High School)
Human Biology/Pre-Med, UCLA

Quetzal Mama definitely helped me out so much with my college application journey. The program helped me get my UC Personal Statements completed and to feel very really confident about them when I submitted my college applications.

— Natalie Gonzalez
Mission Vista High School

Being first in my family to go to college, I didn't have the background to know what school was right from me. I’ve been accepted to 7 seven schools so far. This accomplishment wouldn't have been possible without the guidance and encouragement of Roxanne Ocampo.

— Maria Montero
Mission Vista High School
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