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Nailed It! 2: 7 Easy Steps to Nail Your UC Prompts

7 Easy Steps to Nail Your UC Prompts

Get insider strategies from an expert! Dr. Ocampo is a trained UC reader and has coached more than 10,000 students. Each year her students gain admission to the most selective UC campuses, often winning the coveted Regents/Chancellor scholarship. As a college English Professor, she understands the formal craft of exceptional essays. But, as an admissions expert, she understands how to package an essay to strategically "sell" a story. In this book she walks students through the 10 most common mistakes. She breaks down each prompt to explain what each PIQ really means. Bonus! She provides actual UC essays written by students with a critique and commentary to help the reader discover how to write a winning essay.

Flight of the Quetzal Mama: How to Raise Latino Superstars and Get Them Into The Best Colleges

The 2nd edition of Flight of the Quetzal Mama. A completely revised and updated edition from the original, highly popular 1st edition.


Become an informed parent! Be prepared to help your Latino student succeed at the highest level of academia using 3 strategies:

“10 Quetzal Mama Principles” – The guiding principles to nurture and raise the next generation of Latino leaders.

How to “Work the System” – The intricate, inside track of K-5, middle, and high school public school systems that eludes most Latino parents.

How Latino students can navigate the college admissions process– Everything from timelines, extracurricular activities, & writing the essay, to negotiating the financial aid offer.

Nailed It!: Quetzal Mama’s Toolkit for Extraordinary College Essays

Students get one shot to tell their story to the admissions readers. Will the student nail it? Or, will the essay be like the majority of essays filtered through admissions: uninspiring, boring, and lackluster?

Unfortunately, many students approach their essays unsuccessfully by underselling their story, failing to notice common errors, or missing the mark altogether. Not anymore. In this one-of-a-kind book, Quetzal Mama shares her tips, strategies, and secrets to help students nail the college essay. Students will see first-hand examples of how to pick the right prompt, how to effectively market their profile, how best to articulate unique qualities, and how to avoid some common mistakes.

How This Book is Unique?

This book focuses exclusively on the unique cultural and sociopolitical implications of historically underrepresented students.

The content includes culturally-relevant theoretical models and strategies including frameworks such as Los Huesos, the Ganas Principle, the TIN CASA rubric, and “The Personal Statement is like a Taco de Carne Asada.”

Students will read actual essays from other students across the US who used Quetzal Mama’s methods to obtain admission to selective colleges like Harvard, Stanford, and Berkeley.

Betcha Didn’t Know: Quetzal Mama’s Tips for Latino Parents

A unique snapshot of more than 10 insider tips and strategies… created just for Latino parents. This eBook contains answers to some the most commonly asked questions by Latino parents.

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El Vuelo de la Mamá Quetzal: Cómo Criar Hijos Exitosos y Prepararlos para las Mejores Universidades

A completely updated version of the first book, en Español, with new chapters and information tailored specifically for Latino parents. Tips and strategies from K-5 and middle school,to high school.

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